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Phil Dean 0416 090 289 or Kevin Archer 02 9534 3925


Members can register ‘on-line’ by email to the secretary of prior to commencing their swimming season.


NSW Swimming has redesigned their Membership structure with the main change being that the former “Adult Category” has been split into two:

  • “Race Swimmer” – able to swim in all competitions throughout NSW
  • “Club Swimmer” ONLY eligible to swim at club meets (i.e. NRASC)

Therefore the NRASC Fees have been set at:

  • “Race Swimmer” $120-00 per member

  • “Club Swimmer” NRASC $100-00 per member

  • “Junior Swimmer” $80-00 per member 10 years or under at the 1st October 2021

  • “NSW Associate” Member $50-00 per member

  • “NRASC Associate” Member $25-00 per member

Fees to be paid by EFT in to the NRASC Club’s account.

Bank account details available on request from the secretary or by phone see below

NSW Swimming Profile

New members will need to create a profile with NSW Swimming and provide the details to NRASC’s Secretary so NSW Swimming portion of the fees may be paid by the club.

Create a profile username and password at NSW Swimming Registration
After you have created your login details, send it to NRASC Secretary.

The Club highly recommends that you pay your fees direct to NRASC and we will then pay NSW swimming their portion, so we know you are financial and therefore eligible to swim


The program of events is on this website


All members, and non-members who have previously swum with NRASC, will have been deemed to have completed their trial period, and therefore must join prior to their first swim.

Members must be registered and financial members prior to commencing swimming.

New members may be allowed a two week trial period before being obliged to join NRASC.

Working with Children

It is a legal requirement that all adult members and volunteers have a current “Working with Children” Certificate, so please make ensure that your certificate is up-to-date and forward a copy of any changes to the secretary.

Please note: fines apply both to the member and the club if we are not able to provide a copy.

You will not be able to participate in the Club activities on Sunday morning meets unless the Club holds a copy of your current Working with Children Certificate.

Covid safe

Vaccination Certificates: When you have received your Vaccination Certificate, please forward a copy to the Secretary for the Club’s records as they will be required if there is an inspection at the pool.


The policies that we introduced last season will once again be introduced and modified, if necessary, to suit the regulations that are in place at the time and would include:

  • QR sign in
  • Masks
  • Reading and signing Attendance Sheets
  • Sanitising
  • Social distancing
  • Other requirements as specified by our Covid Officers

So please if you feel sick or unwell STAY HOME

Entry fees

The Entry Fee for the first 11 weeks will be $10 per adult (members and non-members) and will then be reviewed with a suggested cost of $5 per adult for the second 11 week period.

Forms etc.

Enjoy swimming with North Ramsgate ASC

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